Where does Boot camp come from?

Bootcamp was originally a type of group military training conducted under the direction of an instructor.

The goal of this type of training is a rapid physical fitness while strengthening the cohesion of the group.

A session takes place on a footing basis punctuated by simple running exercises (accelerations, sprints) and muscle building (pumps, squats, abs).

Exercises (individual or group) are unique or linked and carried out in the form of challenges.

When the Bootcamp moved to civilian life, it immediately met a great success, first in the USA, then in Europe. Today, Bootcamps can be found throughout the UAE

Why is it so succesful?

Bootcamp training is a radical change from classic gym training.

A session lasts between 1:30 and 2:30hrs, sometimes more, and takes place outdoors (city, park, beach, etc.), in a group and is supervised by one or more personal trainers.

This last one(s) gives instructions in a very directive way, pushing the participants to give their maximum and encouraging them to exceed their limits but always in a safe and user-friendly environment.


The group effect has this ability to push the participants to give more than during a training alone in his corner.

All exercises are performed without equipment. The only tool you need is your own body, your partners, and the environment you’re in. We train outside regardless of the weather, so we must make sure to adapt our outfit accordingly.

In short, the bootcamp is: intensity, security, emulation, challenges and results! In addition, this type of training simultaneously develops cardio-respiratory and muscular qualities.

Many gyms offer Bootcamp now in UAE.

The benefits of Bootcamps

The Bootcamp responds first to a problem of (re)general and rapid fitness.

During each session you  :
– Eliminate fat
– Improve your cardio-pulmonary abilities
– Tone your figure and increase your endurance in addition to your muscle strength.

With a regular practice, that is to say, practicing at least two sessions a week, we see the first results on its general fitness level after only a few weeks (a month maximum).

Is it for everybody?

Absolutely! The Bootcamp is open to everyone and everyone can take part in a Bootcamp session as soon as their goal is to improve their physical condition.

Whether you want to lose weight, run faster or longer, do more push-ups, climb 3 floors without being out of breath, get out of the routine or just train as a group, the Bootcamp is for you!

The sessions adapt to the participants, regardless of their age, gender and physical level.

Boot camps in UAE

Bootcamp for who

Many gyms offer Bootcamp in their Group exercises or classes. Plus, you will find few Bootcamp clubs including the famous Barry’s bootcamp, these club are focus on this activity and will be part of a family/community.

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