What is Squash?

Whether you play an indoor game or an outdoor one, you need to have the requisite strength, flexibility, and mobility to excel at it. Therefore, it becomes essential for the players to train their different muscles to outperform the competition. One such game that requires swift movements and quick shots is squash.

Squash is played on an enclosed court with a racquet and ball. The fast-paced racquet sport squash is most frequently played by two individuals on an indoor court using a rubber ball. To distinguish it from less popular variants of the sport like doubles and hardball squash, this version of the game is also referred to as singles squash or softball squash.

Squash is gaining immense popularity worldwide, and more than 20 million players across 185 countries play this sport. People of all ages can play squash and global tournaments

What skills you need to become an excellent Squash Players?

Explosive Power: Squash players have to take on abrupt shots to dominate the game. As such, they need a lot of explosive muscle power, which they can improve by joining a gym.

Flexibility: Another skill squash players should have is flexibility. Hitting on core exercises can enable them to enhance flexibility and mobility. It helps a player deliver better performance on the court.

Physical Endurance: Squash is a swift game, but it often involves long rallies that can keep going for several minutes, which can be highly exhausting. Therefore, squash players should train to improve their physical endurance.

Mental Endurance: It takes a lot of mental labor to place fine shots and predict the subsequent shot from your opponent. Working out in the gym is a proven way to improve mental endurance, which can help squash players better their game.


Gym with Squash Courts in UAE

Squash course court

There are plenty of reasons to join a gym with a squash court in the UAE, which is why a lot of gyms have built-in squash courts to allow players to practice without having to travel to different sports facilities.