What is Aqua Fitness?

Finding a way to stay fit can be challenging, especially when the doctor tells you not to put pressure on your joints. It means you cannot lift heavy weights or engage in athletic activities that require a lot of abrupt movements. Does that mean you should give up on exercising and a healthy lifestyle? Not if you join an aqua fitness class.

An aqua fitness or water aerobics class is a relatively new method of performing aerobic exercises in water. While an aqua fitness class seems a fun activity, it happens to deliver a lot of benefits as well.

Gyms with swimming pool propose water group classes.

What is An Aqua Fitness Class?

Aqua fitness typically involves performing aerobic exercise while standing in waist or chest-deep water without swimming. It is a form of resistance training that helps you lose fat, improve endurance, build strength, and much more without putting your joints under stress.

Aqua aerobics is a highly preferred workout form for people with underlying physical issues and older age. Not just that, aqua aerobics is also considered highly beneficial for pregnant women as the water supports the weight of the belly and takes the pressure off the back.

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Benefits of Joining an Aqua Fitness Class

Easier muscle toning

Once immersed in water, the body weighs only a third of its weight, which facilitates movement. Water sports are therefore particularly suitable for those who are not necessarily great athletes and who would hesitate to resume physical activity. It is estimated that the buoyancy of the body in the water is 80%!

Despite this, water creates more resistance than air, forcing the muscles to work harder. It is therefore not necessary to add extra loads to gain muscle volume: men who, for 8 weeks, have been trained in a swimming program have managed to increase by 24% the muscle mass of their triceps. Water sports, practiced regularly, thus help to tone all the muscles of the body.

Aqua Fitness Benefits

Increased respiratory and cardiac capacities

Practicing sports in water, especially swimming, are not just about toning muscles. They also seek the respiratory system and cardiovascular capacity. The contraction and relaxation of muscles, as well as the different movements performed during aqua aerobics, for example, promote blood circulation, improve venous return and limit water retention.

Above all, they improve the cardiovascular capacity without impacting the joints. Thus, studies have shown that the practice of an aquatic activity calms the pain related to osteoarthritis while strengthening the joints. It would also preserve bone density in menopausal women.

A certain well-being

According to many therapists, aquatic sports would generate a state of well-being related to relaxation of muscles.
The weightlessness caused by the density of the water would even remind the position of the fetus in the belly of his mother.

Water activities and Aqua fitness exercises

Water aerobics
Ultra widespread, water aerobics is a sport based on a series of exercises that are practiced at the rhythm of the music. The teacher can be in the water with you or out of the water for more visibility of movements.

The aquabike is a sport that is practiced on a flat type bike immersed in water and attached to the ground. Users must then pedal to music following the instructions of the teacher. The exercises are done standing on the pedals, sitting on the saddle or stuck to the handlebars.

The aquabody is a fitness class conducted in the aquatic environment. Although it is very similar to water aerobics, it is more dynamic. You have to do a series of exercises on very fast-paced music for at least 45 minutes.

Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba brings new meaning to the idea of an invigorating workout. It combines the South American Zumba rhythm and dance steps with a pool party. It offers a fun but challenging, water-based, body-toning workout. So, liven up your working week with some Latin fever.

Yoga in the pool
Also called aqua-yoga, aquatic yoga or aqua-zen, This is the aquatic version of yoga. A yoga teacher accompanies you and sometimes helps you to adopt certain postures. Some exercises are done under water with a mask. The exercises are never performed in apnea since yoga is based on diaphragmatic breathing that promotes relaxation and improves your flexibility.

Aquapunching is actually the aquatic version of the bodycombat. Immersed to the hips, you must perform a choreography composed of punches and kicks.

AquacardioScult is an aquatic activity that is practiced suspended in the water without ever setting foot at the bottom of the pool. It’s about finding your balance through the use of mini-flippers and floating dumbbells.

Aquarunning is the aquatic version of running. To practice with a treadmill or with a floatation belt and foam dumbbells, the discipline has beneficial effects for your physical and moral health.

Who can practice Aqua Fitness

Everybody can begin very early as baby swimmers classes. But beware, it is not about teaching an infant to swim, but simply to take advantage of his swimming reflexes to promote his motor skills. It is only after about five years that the child will be able to sufficiently coordinate his movements and manage his balance on the surface of the water to truly learn to swim. Everything can stop very late because there is no age limit for swimming.

On the contrary, sport waters as swimming are advised as long as possible, since it preserves the joints and can be adapted to the rhythm of each one.

Be sure to wear suitable clothes for practicing water activities. Decathlon is a good option to buy those items.

Aqua Fitness in UAE

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Thanks to its growing popularity, many people prefer to join aqua fitness classes to achieve their fitness goals. It has led to a significant increase in the number of aqua fitness classes in the UAE.

However, it is recommended to join the classes of a highly qualified and experienced aqua fitness instructor to ensure that you reap the most out of each aqua fitness class session.

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