What is Pole Dancing

Pole dancing isn’t only a popular dance style but also a great way to workout. It can help you improve your body’s flexibility and strengthen your core. Pole dancing can also improve your cardiovascular endurance. You can take these pole dancing classes to learn a new skill that is fun to act.

In these pole dance classes, you will learn the basics and how to safely perform the combination of all the basic moves. The instruction in these classes will build your confidence in your body. This confidence boost will help you experiment and create your own dance style.

The class begins with a warm-up exercise, which you must do at the beginning of the workout. After the pole workout, you’ll also need to complete the cool-down exercises. These exercises will help you stretch and prevent you from getting sore muscles the next day.

You don’t need any fancy shoes or clothes to complete the pole dance class workout. Just grab your comfortable gym or yoga clothes and a pair of socks, and you are ready to go. These pole dance classes are for anyone who wants to learn a new dance technique or discover the pole’s sensual (Classique) side.

Benefits of taking pole dance classes

  • – It helps to increase body strength through constant repetition of physical movements
  • – Improves coordination between different parts of the body
  • – In addition to strength, regular training in pole dancing can also help build your muscles
  • – Build your core strength, which makes you stronger
  • – Increases the flexibility of your body
  • – It offers you the freedom of expression like any other dance form
Benefits pole dance classes

Who should take these pole dance classes?

Pole dance classes are ideal for everyone, including students from 18 years of age to 80-year olds. Both beginner and advanced polers, who like to train at home, can try their hands at this exotic work regime.

If you are a pole dance enthusiast and want to discover this sensual and classic dance style, then these dance classes might be perfect for you.

Things required to take these pole dancing classes,

  • – A professional X-pole or Lupit pole must be set up in your workout room.
  • – Yoga or exercise mat for a warm-up and cool-down exercises.
  • – Remove any jewelry, rings, or watches/fitness bands.

Pole Dance classes in UAE