What is the CrossFit?

The practice of CrossFit is to combine exercises from other disciplines (gymnastics, athletics, weightlifting, cardio and fitness) to create a complete sport. Through diversified exercises of varying intensity and duration, CrossFit aims to improve all your physical abilities to develop versatility in all areas (when most other sports focus only on one area in particular).

Because cross training, or crossfit, intends to combine aerobic exercises (efforts for which the body needs oxygen) and anaerobic (very short efforts that do not require oxygenation). A crossfit session should mobilize muscles, balance balance and endurance, improve speed and flexibility, and facilitate movement coordination and balance. An entire program ! It’s complete, promising and fun.

In addition, CrossFit studios form welded groups. We feel a real team spirit, for many practitioners, their CrossFit partners become like a new family.

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Benefits of CrossFit

Each session is composed of one or more exercises that CrossFitters call WOD (or Workout Of the Day, or training of the day), and is done in groups: it allows both to advise, help and improve.
By favoring the sequence of natural movements (pushing, lifting, throwing and shooting, in particular), CrossFit allows to work:

Endurance and breathing
– Muscle development
– Speed and strength
– Flexibility and balance
– Agility and coordination

Burned calories

For example, a 20 min “Cindy” WOD burns between 250 and 350 calories depending on the size of the athlete. Although the energy expenditure is similar to a running session, the high intensity work induces a calorie expenditure post session more important: it is called the Afterburn Effect.

At rest, you continue to burn calories to recover from your session, which is not necessarily the case after your running Sunday morning.


Who can practice CrossFit?

CrossFit is a sport for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or physical condition. Better still, it adapts even to all, since it works on the principle of relative intensity: each participant executes movements according to his level (the weights to lift can be lightened, the pumps can be made on the knees, etc.).

However, it must be understood that CrossFit is not suitable for all athletes. What makes its strength, that is, its diversity, is also its weakness. It is a sport that will never excel in a particular area, nor does it allow to gain muscle mass in specific places: it strengthens all skills and acts on the muscles in their entirety .

CrossFit is made for people who want to find a body more toned, more muscular and healthier. Progress is fast enough, but also quickly visible. In addition, by offering each session different exercises, it is constantly renewed and allows not to enter a routine demotivating!

We can find CrossFit boxes everywhere in UAE and many gyms add CrossFit to their group classes.

At rest, you continue to burn calories to recover from your session, which is not necessarily the case after your running Sunday morning.

A typical CrossFit session

Your first Crossfit session will usually be free for you to discover the world of CF and see if the method and atmosphere are right for you. A session of CrossFit is generally composed of 4 phases:

The dynamic warm-up: you will execute movements of CF without intensity, which will warm well the articulations solicited in the WOD (Workout Of the Day see lexicon) to avoid injuries.
The technique: you will review in detail some movements to always keep a technical progress.
The WOD: This is where you will find the training of the day with a specific objective and a strong intensity.
Stretches and calm: You are going into this last phase to lower your heart rate and stretch the muscles required during the WOD. It’s also an opportunity to improve your flexibility and recovery.

Why choose CrossFit?

The CrossFit improves health and develops the physical condition in a short time: improvement of the maximum consumption of oxygen, decrease of the fat mass and increase of the muscular mass.

The CrossFit improves the quality of life on a daily basis: you use functional movements. The same ones that will help get the water packs out of the car when you go shopping, climb the stairs or play with your (small) children without being out of breath.

The CrossFit community offers a supportive and sharing environment: you are not just a paid member, you are part of a strong team that supports you.

The CrossFit tests you and challenges you mentally and physically to be “a better yourself”

CrossFit Benefits

You compete with yourself to achieve your personal goals (weight loss, better fitness, better health, etc.)

You will not find any mirror in a CrossFit room, because the purpose of the method is not to improve the look and the aesthetics but the strength and the physical condition. No place for those who want to train by simple vanity.

You will find all the help you need through the community. The variety of CF trainings avoids boredom, keeps motivated and helps to stay consistent to achieve one’s personal goals.

You can practice CrossFit alone and independently thanks to the daily workouts freely available on the Crossfit official website. CrossFit was a brand of reebok till June 2020.

Gear and equipment

The practice of this sport will generate intense training sessions, during which your body will be hard put to the test. Here are some indications to equip you properly and live hours of practice with comfortable clothes. You will need clothes adapted to your morphology.

Shoes are very important; the ideal being to choose running, or basketball. You must first think of maintaining your feet and ankles, and relegate the look to the background.
For the legs, opt for a shorts or a jogging rather wide. You will have more freedom of movement. To bring a compressive effect to your legs, you can also wear compression / support shorts.
Always to get a maximum of freedom in your movements and workouts, get a t-shirt and if temperatures drop, long sleeves. As for the legs, you can also wear a compression top, ensuring more comfort.

Accessories for the CrossFit

You can bring various accessories for your crossfit work sessions. First of all your towel, which allows you to mop up after the series. The watch is an ideal accessory to calculate recovery times between exercises. For work with bars and dumbbells, the gloves will be very useful to protect the palms of the hands.

CrossFit Lexicon

62.5/42.5 : Male/Female Weight for Workouts

AMRAP : As Many Reps/Rounds as Possible

BP :Bench press

BS : Back Squat

BW : Bodyweight

C&J : Clean and Jerk

C2B : Chest to Bar Pull Ups

CFT : Crossfit Total

DLFT : Deadlift

DBBL : Dumbells

DU : Double Unders

EMOM : Every Minute on the Minute

FS : Front Squat

GHD : Glute Ham Developer

GPP : General Physical Preparedness (fitness)

HS : Handstand

HSPU : Handstand Push-Ups

KB : Kettlebell

K2E : Knees to Elbows

METCON : Metabolic Conditionning

MU : Muscle Up

OHS : Overhead Squat

PC : Power Clean

PJ : Push Jerk

PP : Push Press

PR : Personal Record

PLU : Pull Ups

PU : Push Ups

REPS : Repetitions

1RM : 1 Repetition Maximum

RX : As Prescribed (In the WOD)

SDHP : Sumo Deadlift High Pull

SU : Sit Ups

TABATA : 8 Rounds, 20sec Work, 10sec Rest

T2B : Toes to Bar

WOD : Workout of the Day

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