What is Padel?

Sports can be a fun alternative to workouts to remain in shape and healthy while ensuring that your mental health remains on track. If you are fond of court games, Padel can make an excellent choice for you to look after your physical and mental health while socializing with other players on the court.

Padel is very similar to lawn tennis in terms of playing styles and rules. However, the size of a padel court is one-third of that of a standard lawn tennis court. It is a racquet game that eliminates various elements of different racquet games, including tennis, racquetball, squash, etc.

The game is usually played in doubles on a mesh court surrounded by glass. The game is straightforward, and even a novice can quickly get hold of a Padel match’s rules.

Players use a low compression tennis ball and a short racquet made of carbon fiber called a “Pala.” The game begins with an underarm service and goes on as long as players manage to play shots before or after the ball bounces off the glass walls.

Benefits of Playing Padel

Like any other sport, Pedal also has several health benefits. Here are the noteworthy ones:

  • – Padel can help reduce accumulated tension and stress to declutter your mind.
  • – It does not require you to put your joints and muscles under stress, which is why it is suitable for people of all ages.
  • – It requires a lot of movement and mind-muscle coordination. Therefore, it will help you improve reflexes and coordination.
  • – Playing Padel regularly can be a great cardiovascular workout that can also help you improve your endurance.
  • – Padel is usually played in doubles, meaning you connect with people with shared interests.
What is Padel

Padel in UAE

Padel courts

Given the game’s health benefits and high suitability for all age groups, Padel has gained massive popularity in UAE. Therefore, you can easily find a Padel court in your neighborhood to either pursue a career in the game or to maintain your health and socialize at the same time.