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Yoga is known for increasing balance and flexibility as well as giving a challenging yet relaxing way to decompress. The exercise has been marked as a wonderful alternative for someone who wants a fitness activity that can be done in a studio, at home or in a gym because it requires minimal equipment.

On the other hand, many types of yoga have a range of benefits. Hatha yoga, for example, is an old practice that provides a complete introduction to the asanas.

To know more about this certain type of yoga, its advantages, and what to expect with this exercise, here’s everything you need to know about Hatha yoga.

What is Hatha Yoga?

What is Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is an ancient type of yoga with a colourful history. As it is developed from Vedic yoga or old yoga, this style of yoga is regarded as the authentic flow of yoga, dating back to the 11th–13th centuries.

The sun and moon are the discipline’s symbols. Sun and Moon are represented by the terms ha and tha, respectively. Hatha refers to the coming together of opposites. The principle of opposites joining together underpins all physical yoga.

How to Prepare for a Hatha Yoga Class

When someone attends a Hatha yoga session, they may expect a slower-paced class with longer holds on poses. This allows students to focus on balancing the union of opposites in each shape.

Modern Hatha yoga lessons last approximately 60 minutes. Most of the positions that are done in a Vinyasa class are also done in a Hatha class. Downward dog variations, warrior variations, child’s pose, triangle, pyramid, and other poses may be performed.

Strengths of Hatha Yoga

Yoga is well-known for improving balance, stability, and flexibility. However, Hatha yoga can provide some specific benefits, which are as follows:

  1. Hatha is great for beginners- Since the tempo of the class and the poses are unlinked and may repeat, this makes Hatha a good entry point for many complex types of yoga.
  2. Consciousness- Hatha provides the opportunity to be more present in the body and life.
  3. Improved sleeping routine- Those who have difficulty sleeping may benefit from a healthier sleeping routine by doing Hatha yoga.
  4. Improved flexibility- Hatha yoga enhances flexibility and boosts functional fitness when practiced regularly.
  5. Range of motion- Yoga has exhibited the quality of assisting people to boost their physical mobility.
Hatha Yoga Benefits

Hatha Yoga’s Six Principles

 Hatha Yoga is a six-limb yoga practice (Shatanga Yoga).  The six limbs are:

  1. Asana- a stable, relaxed state of mind and body.
  2. Pranayama- the practice of increasing one’s capacity to retain prana.
  3. Pratyahara- is the process of withdrawing from sensory input.
  4. Dharana- the act of focusing the mind on a single point.
  5. Dhyana– entails self-observation.
  6. Samadhi– is the liberation from Maya.

Hatha Yoga’s Growing Popularity

Hatha Yoga was once thought to be a sacred and secret practice. It could only be learned and done by the monks and the priest cast’s male children. As a result, ordinary folks mistook it for a hidden magical ritual.

Yoga was the subject of many magical stories. Hatha Yoga became popular in India in the 15th century when monks began demonstrating asanas in public. However, it became well-known when British photographers published photographs of monks in risky poses in Western periodicals at the end of the 18th century.

This piqued the interest of Western spiritual searchers and sparked a passion for mystical eastern rituals. Many people then travel to India to practice yoga and meditation.

Is Hatha Yoga suitable for everyone?

No. Despite the fact that it is an extremely beneficial Yoga technique, some individuals should not attend a conventional Hatha Yoga class. However, they may benefit greatly from an adapted Hatha Yoga class and should consider doing this instead.

The following set of individuals may find Hatha Yoga too challenging and may profit more from a softer style of yoga, such as Yin Yoga or Chair Yoga. The set of individuals is as follows:

  1. Elderly individuals
  2. People who are recovering from a serious injury
  3. People who have had a neck or spinal injury
  4. People who have serious knee problems

Hatha Yoga classes in the UAE

Hatha Yoga classes in UAE

Hatha yoga allows an individual to stretch and release stress, making them a great complement to both busy lifestyles and cardio routines. So, if you’re new to yoga and just want to try a peaceful class that will help you de-stress and sleep better, Hatha yoga is definitely a great option.

If you happen to live in the UAE and are planning to take on Hatha yoga but don’t know where to start, here’s a list of places where you can book your starter yoga sessions! Find the most convenient and comfortable yoga studio or class to start your Hatha yoga journey!

It’s never too late to invest in your overall health. Try Hatha yoga now!