There are a lot of options as far as getting or staying in shape is concerned. Aqua spin or aqua-cycling is one such workout routine that can help you shed the extra pounds and stay healthy while having some fun, especially if you love water and water sports.

What is an Aqua Spin Class?

An aqua spin class or aqua cycling is similar to indoor cycling except that it takes place inside a pool.

You will have to run a stationary bicycle submerged around feet depth in the water and perform various exercise routines on it. The bikes are attached to the bottom of the pool, and the water temperature is maintained at around 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Usually, an aqua spin class lasts around 45-60 minutes and requires you to perform cycling and a whole workout regime in the water, including stretching, crunches, band workout, stand-up spinning, etc. All this will help you burn a decent amount of calories without hurting your muscles and joints.

Although an aqua spin class is not as effective as a HIIT class, it is adept enough to keep you in shape while improving your mental health. Moreover, it makes an excellent workout choice for those with muscle or joint injuries and other limb-related issues.

How Does an Aqua Spin Class Benefit You?

It is pertinent to mention that an aqua spin class cannot deliver results as quickly as a regular spinning class. However, it does not mean an aqua spinning class is not worth it. The exercise routine will provide lasting results if performed regularly over an extended period of time. Here are some of the top benefits of an aqua spin class:

  • – Burn fat easily
  • – Aqua spin exercises are low impact and therefore easy on your joints
  • – Working out in water can increase lymphatic drainage
  • – You will experience improvement in overall body balance
  • – Aqua spin class can tone your muscles and improve muscle-mind coordination.

Aqua Spin Classes in UAE

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Aqua Spin classes per Emirate

You can find plenty of aqua spin classes in the UAE. However, it is advised to join the class of an experienced and skilled aqua spin instructor as it will ensure the effectiveness and quality of your workout. Your options are:

Aqua Spin classes in Dubai

Aqua Spin classes in Abu Dhabi

Aqua Spin classes in Sharjah

Aqua Spin classes in Ajman

Aqua Spin classes in RAK

Aqua Spin classes in Fujairah

Aqua Spin classes in Al Ain