What is Aerobic?

Cardio (literally “Cardio training”) brings together fitness activities that engage the heart muscle in order to train it to effort and thus strengthen the cardiovascular and cardio-respiratory systems. Running, cycling, swimming, rowing or rowing, step or Zumba are cardio activities.

For a cardio session to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to control the intensity of the effort produced by the athlete. This is usually done from the heart rate. The duration of the effort and the intensity (which can be variable) of the cardio-training session is adjusted according to the objective to be reached: specific training, fat loss, etc. It is for these reasons that cardio is often practiced in room, on so-called ergometry machines (ie reproducing the movements of a given sport: rowing, running, cycling, etc.) and having of a heart rate monitor to make this control easier.

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What are benefits of Aerobic exercises ?

There are lots of good reasons to practice cardio ! Cardio is good for your health, especially for the heart but also for the morale. It can also increase endurance and improve sports performance, muscle, lose fat and lose weight. It helps to stay fit. Plus, you can practice Cardio by yourself at home or in any gym of your choice.

Aerobic exercises helps prevent cardiovascular disease. Indeed, it strengthens the heart and promotes the loss of fat, especially visceral fat. It fortifies arteries and vessels that can better expand or contract as needed, reducing the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack. The WHO recommend physical activity to be healthier.

Aerobics exercises benefits

Lose Weight and Build Muscle

The more active you are, the more calories you’ll burn. Aerobic exercises have been known to increase your metabolism by up to 15 percent for an entire day after completing a class.

In addition to helping with weight loss, aerobic exercises are an excellent option for people who don’t enjoy traditional forms of exercise, weight lifting, to build and tone muscles.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Aerobic exercise classes can help you lower your high blood pressure. Several studies indicate that aerobic exercise can lower systolic blood pressure by an average of 10 points and diastolic blood pressure by an average of 5 points.

Relieve Depression and Anxiety

Aerobic exercises can be an excellent way to relieve depression and anxiety. While you perform aerobic exercises, your body releases plenty of endorphins, which are the hormones that make you feel good. Therefore, you feel more confident, cheerful, and happier.

Strengthen Your Lungs

An essential part of aerobics is the deep breathing you do while getting your heart rate up. Deep breathing exercises strengthen your lungs, which in turn strengthens your heart and helps it to function better.

Prevent Heart Disease

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of worldwide deaths. It’s also a major cause of stroke. Therefore, you can try aerobic exercises at least three times each week to reduce your risk for cardiovascular diseases. Aerobic exercises strengthen your heart and lungs, improves blood flow, and lower cholesterol levels.

Reduces Health Risks and Improves Immunity

People who do aerobic exercises for 10 hours a week over three months can reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease by more than 25%. Aerobic exercises also reduce your susceptibility to viral infections, which can be especially helpful during cold and flu season.

Manages Chronic Conditions

Aerobic exercise is one of the most effective ways to manage chronic conditions like arthritis, asthma, and diabetes. By increasing your heart rate and improving your cardiovascular system, aerobic activities will provide you the much-needed relief from such chronic conditions.

Easy on Joints

Aerobic exercises are low-impact, so they won’t cause the same strain on your joints as weight-bearing exercises like running or jumping. The low-impact nature of aerobic exercise also makes it an excellent option for people with joint pain or other physical limitations to get a good workout.

Who can practice Aerobic exercices

Aerobic exercises can be practiced by any person in good health provided that certain precautions are observed. Avoid for example intense or brutal efforts if you are not sporty.

Ask for the advice of your doctor who can do a medical check-up or possibly prescribe a cardiovascular assessment and a stress test. Beyond age 35 or for inactive people, it is recommended to make such a report every 5 years. Cardio training is contraindicated in certain situations (infections and acute conditions, high blood pressure, overweight, heart failure for example).

Aerobics exercises

 Calories burned per exercises

Cardio activities (1h)60 kg70 kg85 kg
Hiit Training / Step (intense)87610221241
Running 12km/h7388801078
RPM (intense)7388801078
Jumping rope (fast)7088441035
Rower (intense)7088441035
Running 10 km/h649774949
Kick Boxing590704863
Les Mills Grit549641778
Les Mills Body Pump498581706
Elliptical bike485566687
Running 8 km/h472563690
BodyCombat – Les Mills481561682
BodyStep – Les Mills478558677
BodyAttack – Les Mills 475554672
Les Mills RPM (moderate)449524637

Aerobics classes in UAE


Aerobic classes can be of great use for those who want to lose weight, stay in shape, or build strength and endurance in UAE. All you have to do is look for an experienced and certified trainer under whose guidance you can perform different aerobic exercises to reap various health benefits.

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