What is MMA

What if you could do a workout, learn to defend yourself, and pursue a sports regime, all at the same time? It may sound too good to be true, but you can achieve all this simultaneously with an MMA class.

Mixed martial arts or MMA is a combat sport with various fighting skills and techniques taken from multiple sports and styles from all around the world. The game’s rules permit the players to use both grappling and striking techniques. Besides, the game requires you to work on your muscle and strength to land powerful strikes and deliver tight chokes.

What to Expect from Mixed Martial Arts Classes

In an MMA class, you will learn the skills and techniques of various martial arts disciplines while also learning to defend yourself.

Learning how to grapple, kickbox, box, and use your fists will just be the beginning. You will be able to practice all sorts of different moves and positions you may find yourself in during a real fight. MMA classes are intense workouts that will improve your strength, agility, and flexibility while enhancing your self-defense skills.

Benefits of MMA training

There are several benefits of joining an MMA class, such as:

  • – MMA can help you lose weight, build muscle, and stay in shape.
  • – MMA training can provide an outlet for stress and pent-up energy and teach you some new skills to defend yourself, if necessary.
  • – It also helps improve your self-confidence, discipline, and mental strength.
  • – By taking mixed martial arts classes, you will become competitive in a traditional ring setting or the octagon of mixed martial arts fighting.
MMA Benefits

Basics of a MMA Class

Mixed martial arts classes can vary depending on the instructor and location. Generally, you will learn a mix of different fighting and self-defense techniques that will help you build strength and better your cardiovascular system.

There are a few basic things that you will always find in any mixed martial arts class, namely basic self-defense techniques (which are essentially techniques for grappling like wrestling or jiu-jitsu) and techniques for striking like kickboxing or Muay Thai.

The pace of the class may vary depending on its purpose. Some classes are more focused on teaching self-defense, while others focus on competition.

However, most MMA classes will have some type of sparring where students have to fight each other in a controlled environment. Sparring allows people to apply what they’ve learned in a simulated fight setting.

MMA Classes in UAE


MMA can be for everyone, and many people enjoy the sport and would like to commit to it. To see if training MMA is right for you, you should take some time to think about what you want from the class and what your fitness goals are.

You can reach out to professional MMA teachers and join their classes to learn and improve your fighting skills while losing weight and putting on some lean muscle simultaneously.