An Introduction to Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dancing is a fun and exotic way to get in shape with Indian exercises. It incorporates classical, folk, and funk dance forms for a fun and expressive workout.

Below is a guide on how Bollywood dancing can help you live a better, more active lifestyle.

The Basics of Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood dance is a kind of expressive movement inspired by the prominent Indian film industry. It delivers a fast-paced and energetic dancing practice that is perfect for pleasant group training, fusing classical Indian movements with folk, Latin, and hip-hop genres.

Bhangra, a folk dance from Punjab in Northern India, is the most popular genre of Bollywood dancing. Bhangra has loud beats and driving rhythms that are similar to funk and Latin dance. Bollywood dancing is a great approach to getting your body on the correct track to better fitness.

Benefits of Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance encourages participants to fully engage with the musical beats they are moving to, which improves coordination and rhythm.

Bollywood dance is extremely energetic and provides excellent aerobic exercise, increasing oxygen supply to critical muscles and, as a result, enhancing muscular resistance over time.

The outgoing and expressive beats of Bollywood dance music simply can not help but get your body moving. This is a great technique to burn calories while also toning important muscle groups like the calf muscles.

Bollywood dance benefits

Bollywood Dance Classes in UAE


When you first begin Bollywood dancing, you may be anxious about embracing another culture with which you are unfamiliar. However,  Bollywood classes are open to everyone and include a diverse group of people of all ages and abilities.

If you’re looking for a place to start taking Bollywood dancing courses, we have listed classes around UAE, per emirate!

Enjoy your classes and happy Bollywood dancing!