What is Kickboxing

Kickboxing is an accessible entry point into the world of martial arts. It’s a dynamic blend of athleticism and hand-to-hand combat skills that will work for every major muscle group from head to toe.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to get started with kickboxing is an instructor or personal trainer who will help you curate a routine for your first few classes. Remember to take hand wraps and gloves so that you don’t hurt your knuckles or fingers and protective gear such as headgear, groin guard, and mouth guard to prevent any serious injuries during training

Basics of Kickboxing

A kickboxing workout can be intimidating at first, but it’s actually easier than you think. You must put on your gloves and grab a punching bag or focus mitts.

You will then go through a series of routines with the bag, starting with basic punches and kicks. You’ll also learn how to block and move away from your opponent while throwing strikes.

Next, you’ll work on different combinations that target specific muscle groups. For example, one might include punches followed by alternating kicks to the thighs. Another combination could be a round of jabs followed by rotating knee strikes against the heavy bag.

Kickboxing classes in UAE

It helps work both the upper and lower body in unison for maximum calorie burnout and toning benefits. After this series of combinations, you will finish off with a brief core-strengthening series of exercises that focuses on abs, obliques, back muscles, and more.

Ideally, you should repeat each punch or kick combo a few times before moving on to the next one for the best results!

How Kickboxing Can Help You Get in Shape

Kickboxing isn’t only about learning self-defense to knock out the aggressor if and when attacked. Instead, it is a fabulous sport/ martial art routine that can help you get in shape while gaining strength and agility. Here’s how kickboxing can help you:

Cardio Routine

Kickboxing can help you get in shape as it is a high-intensity workout, meaning it incorporates punches, kicks, knees, and other fighting moves. It uses boxing techniques mixed with strategic kicking and punching combinations to boost your metabolism and leave you dripping with sweat by the end of the class.

A kickboxing class will push your body to its limits in a way that many other workouts do not. That’s because it combines cardio with strength training and works several muscles at once. Plus, there is something incredibly satisfying about throwing a flurry of jabs and knees at a heavy bag as sweat pours from your brow.

Strength Routines

Kickboxing is a fantastic way to get in great shape while gaining muscle strength. It’s a high-intensity workout that uses the entire body, so you’ll build muscle by simply following the routine.

You can also add weight training to your routines to make even more gains. All in all, kickboxing is an excellent exercise for people who want to improve their self-defense skills and develop muscle strength.

It’s also an excellent option for people who don’t enjoy running on treadmills or lifting weights because kickboxing practice sessions don’t take a lot of time and provide equal if not better results than a traditional gym session.

Balance, Coordination, and Agility

Kickboxing will significantly enhance your cardiovascular health. Besides, it will also improve your balance and coordination, thanks to exercises that involve pivoting.

You can also work on your punching power with some of the exercises that target the core musculature of your upper body. Also, the knee and elbow strikes will make it easier for you to defend yourself if you’re ever in an uncomfortable situation where someone might try to grab or touch you inappropriately.

Moreover, the entire kickboxing routine will help you improve your overall agility, which will come in handy in situations where you have to think and act quickly.

Kickboxing Classes in UAE

Kickboxing training benefits

The high-intensity workout is made even more challenging with the use of bags, pads, and other equipment. If you’re looking for a kickboxing class in the UAE, you can find some of the top gyms around your neighborhood; just skim through the list below. Remember, the benefits of kickboxing will only accrue if you join a reputed and experienced instructor’s class.

Note that the classes will also put you through aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance exercises along with kickboxing training to provide one of the most intense and fulfilling workouts.