What is Karma Yoga

There are several ways you can keep your body healthy and in optimal shape. People spend a lot of money and time to stay physically fit, but many still struggle to find peace of mind.

Sure, it is essential to keep your body fit, but pay equal attention to your mental health and adopt practices that can help you achieve mental peace. One such practice is Karma yoga.

Karma yoga is a practice that has been around for centuries. It’s a type of yogic philosophy or, simply put, an approach that can unlock the secrets to living a genuinely purposeful life. Karma yoga is an active process of listening to, understanding, and following your intuition to align your actions with your principles and ethics.

How to Practice Karma Yoga

Let’s take a look at the five steps for practicing Karma yoga:

Recognize your thoughts and feelings

Be aware of your thoughts and feelings to let go of the negative ones. You can do this by meditating or simply observing your thoughts and feelings.

Let go of negative thoughts and feelings

You can do away with your negative thoughts and feelings by taking deep breaths. You can also use a word or sound that positively affects you.

Ask yourself questions

It will help you to zero in on what you need to do right now. You can ask yourself, “What is good in my life?” “What do I need to improve?” and more such questions for self-evaluation.

Karma Yoga
Follow your intuition

This will allow you to align your actions with your values; this is where you will be able to act on what you need to do from the previous step.

Live with integrity

By living with integrity, you can go beyond just saying or believing something to actually living it. It will allow you to be present in each moment so that you can grow through them instead of just going through the motions inadvertently.

Karma Yoga Classes in UAE

Karma Yoga classes

Karma yoga is meant for those who want to explore the true essence of spirituality. Therefore, you must look for a professional instructor who offers Karma yoga classes in the UAE. Without proper guidance and motivation, you’ll be unable to unlock the path to enlightenment.