What is the Bodybuilding ?

First of all bodybuilding involves sculpting your body through the handling of additional resistances, but also using your own body weight. Almost all gyms have strength/bodybuilding area.

It is a sports activity in its own right to develop muscular strength by increasing the mass of the muscles by repeated physical exertion, series performed for each muscle group. It’s a difficult sport, which requires a lot of rigor, both in training and dietetics !

The training can aim at several objectives, to have the form, for the pleasure to train, to perfect their physics or even to talk. Long years of regular and assiduous practice, an unusual rage, an adequate diet, a healthy lifestyle and good recovery periods can only give the expected results !

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Bodybuilding : bulking-up versus newcomers : HIIT, CrossFit…

In recent years, bodybuilding has been transformed. Fewer and fewer people are looking for the swelling effect and are moving towards a general fitness. People want to be muscular, certainly, but they want to turn to a better lifestyle. It means a healthy and varied diet, more necessarily protein. In addition, people work more with cardio with shorter and more intense sessions. Recent studies prove that it is better to define fewer series more intense in terms of weight.

What is the most performant

On the one hand, if you really want to sculpt a dream body, bodybuilding remains the master activity. Indeed the exercises are focused on increasing muscle mass and strength. It is an essential activity for people already practicing a sport next door.

On the other hand, if you seek a more complete training, the appearance of CrossFit or HIIT training goes in this direction. If you want a more dynamic bodybuilding, based on explosiveness and physical endurance, CrossFit is more suitable. Moreover the CrossFit like the session of HIIT training are more playful and are practiced in group. Fitness and strengthening form a perfect mix.

In both cases, the search for performance and self-improvement is always present.

Bodybuilding workout

Arm workout

The strength of the arms is done first with dips or pump back to develop the triceps brachii and have big arms. The triceps is indeed more bulky than its antagonist, the biceps whose muscle reinforcement passes him, by pushing the bar. The bench press is the third main exercise to strengthen the arms in complementarity with the pectorals. The classic pumps are also a good exercise for muscle strengthening of the arms. Finally the dumbbells and devices with guided load allow a fast musculation of the arms by exercises of insulation soliciting exclusively the biceps or the triceps.

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Specifically biceps workout or triceps workout


Chest workout

The pectorals are often with the arms and abdominals the priority of many bodybuilding practitioners. It is true that these muscles are aesthetically important, but a too pronounced development can lead to deforming the bust. For others, this muscle group can be very difficult to muscle.

If you have difficulty in taking pecs with basic workout such as bench presses or dips, insulation work on the machines or on the pulley should be considered.

How to strengthen the pectorals? What are the best exercises? How to work the pectorals without material?

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Abs workout

Some will want to focus on the upper abdominals, others on the lower part, or on the obliques. So you can try to target your abdominal training, even if in all cases, all the portions of these muscles will be solicited by all the movements of bodybuilding for the abs.

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Back exercises

Above all, The back needs as much attention as the pecs !

Yet, the back is the largest muscle group in the torso and should not be overlooked. Composed of many muscles, it will require targeted work to properly develop all the muscles that compose it. We will work as well its width (back) with the help of the pulls and prints, as the thickness (upper back) with rowing and basic movements. Trapezes are at the top of the back and are also often forgotten in bodybuilding programs. Plus, they are important muscles that value the physical and are very useful in many sports.

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Shoulder exercises

Broad muscled shoulders emphasize the whole body and give the build, even dressed. This is one of the main muscles to integrate into your program. The shoulder is composed of three bundles: anterior, middle (lateral) and posterior. Take care to muscle these three parts of the shoulder fairly, without favoring one in particular.

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Legs exercises

The legs represent half the body in terms of volume, but are often neglected by bodybuilding practitioners, who prefer to maximize the muscular development of the upper body.

It is a mistake to never commit, because it is absurd to have a muscular bust and legs that are not: on the one hand because it unbalances the appearance of the physical as a whole, but also because that when a muscular group is not worked like the others, it is the muscular growth of the whole body which stops.

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More information about Bodybuilding

First of all, everybody can practice Bodybuilding.

But beginners are often lost and do not know where to start. It is true that this sport is not as simple as it seems. And to progress quickly, there are some things to put in place from the beginning and mistakes to avoid.

It is strictly recommended to start Bodybuilding with a coach to explain you how to use equipment and learn how not get hurt.

You can also contact the bodybuilding association in UAE to get more informations – EBBF

The reality is that there is no particular age to start bodybuilding, there is no minimum age.

It is obviously not the same bodybuilding that we are 12 years or 25 years but there is no contraindication to use his body in various movements requiring mobility, strength…

This is what all sports do without being able to modify the resistance as we allow bodybuilding. We also noticed that the muscles that worked during the youth and especially during adolescence acquired a development potential much higher than the muscles we had never used.

The first results are variable according to your training mode and your diet, but also according to your level of departure and your expectations. Clearly, a beginner who has never played sports in his life and just wants to have a little chest and abdominals will have “results” faster than an experienced sportsman who wants to double the size of his arms.

But as a rule, and for a beginner athlete, after 3 months the results are already starting to be felt at the level of muscle mass (they can be visible after one month), and are present after 6 months if your training is of quality and that you train seriously.

Some say that to get the best results, you need to work each muscle group at least 2 or 3 times a week. Others will tell you that training a muscle group more than once a week is overtraining. But, if you want to build muscle and get strength, which approach works best ?

There is no universally “correct” training frequency that can be applied to all people all the time. But, there are some principles you will need to consider when planning your routine. Here are the most important ones.

Frequency and training volume

After the progressive overload, the two variables having the greatest impact in the gym are the training frequency (the training frequency of a given muscle group) and the volume (the amount of work done by a trainer). muscle group given at each training session).

There is an inverse relation between the training frequency and its volume. If your training volume is high, you will need to lower your frequency. Conversely, an increase in the frequency of training will require a reduction in volume.

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