What is boxing?

Boxing is for a long time considered nevertheless like the Noble Art. Activity among combat sports formerly connoted as being reserved for bad boys, who love the fight.

Boxing – French Savate or Muay Thai – is no longer essentially seen as “the opera of the poor” who loves to hit, but a noble art to regain an exemplary physical condition : let off steam, have a cardio training, do muscle building.

All regular practitioners will say it is one of the most complete sports disciplines.
Among combat sports, rare are those who do as much body work as boxing.
If you want to draw your muscles, improve your cardio and carve your body, it therefore appears as a martial arts must.

What are benefits of Boxing?

  1. Regular practice of boxing muscle the heart and cardiovascular abilities : it is therefore work breathing, breath and allows the boxer to gain endurance.
  2. Boxing develops reflexes, agility and coordination :  Boxing is a sport that helps to be more alert, agile and fast so as not to be surprised by the opponent and receive shots. The boxer also works the precision and the coordination of his gestures for a better mobility in the space.
  3. Boxing works muscles and tones the body : The regular practice of it helps to strengthen his body. The arms, the legs remain the main zones toned during the effort.
  4. Boxing helps to relieve stress and improve self-esteem : Boxing can go beyond his abilities and push his limits. Throughout the training, it helps to feel better and promotes confidence and self-control.
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Who can practice Boxing?

There is no specification about practicing Boxing or Martial arts. Everybody can practice it.

You can find classes for kids, teenagers and adults.

A what age can you start?

More and more sports are attracting younger follower. Martial arts too with baby boxing or young karate classes.

Where to practice Boxing?

Plenty of Martial arts and Boxing club are present in UAE. Each one have specialities. Gyms may propose equipment and teacher for Martial arts or Boxing classes.

You can easily find boxing clubs around: Boxing clubs near me

Find more information on UAE boxing federation website

Boxing classes in UAE

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