What is Swimming?

Besides being a great sport to maintain and enhance your fitness, swimming happens to be a life-saving skill. Even though it is a low-impact sport, the health and mental benefits of swimming are immense. To make the most of swimming, we advise you to learn swimming from certified trainers only, and preferably in centers with large pools and swimming tracks.

Moreover, it’s imperative to prioritize your safety when learning how to swim. The best swimming institutes have experienced trainers who recommend the correct strokes for people across all age groups.

Different Swimming Training Programs

Depending on your age, gender, and swimming skills, you can choose from different swimming programs at reputed learning centers. Once you approach these centers, the experts will evaluate your swimming skills and train you accordingly.

The majority of swimming classes offer three programs that range from basic to expert.

  • – As the name suggests, the basic program will help you master the fundamentals of swimming. As a part of this program, you will learn skills like floating, side-breathing, and back and front crawling.
  • – At the intermediate swimming level, the trainers will teach you stroke refinement. This includes the butterfly stroke, backstroke, crawl stroke, and treading water for some time.
  • – As you proceed to the advanced program, you will be better at swimming underwater. Besides, the trainers will help you master diving, flip turns, and other strokes that are a bit more difficult.

Usually, children above three years of age can be admitted to a swimming academy.

Benefits of Swimming

Swimming will tone your muscles and give your body the workout it serves. It serves as an all-round activity due to several reasons.

  • – It relieves stress from your body.
  • – It helps in retaining good cardiac health by keeping the rate up.
  • – You will be able to focus on your muscle fitness and build endurance.
  • – It will help you maintain healthy lungs, heart, and weight.
  • – You can develop your overall body strength.
Benefits of swimming
  • – Swimming ensures a comprehensive workout for the body, engaging almost all the muscles.
  • – The sport also helps beat obesity and maintain proper body weight.
  • – Insomnia is one of the issues that you can deal with when you engage in swimming regularly.

Swimming can Slow Down Aging

Professional swimming training is the secret to slowing down aging and eventually enjoying a longer lifespan. Regular swimming goes a long way in increasing muscle mass and regulating proper blood pressure. Besides, it improves the flow of oxygen to the brain and maintains good cardiovascular health.

As far as older people are concerned, swimming significantly enhances balance and physical strength. Elders who experience issues like joint pain should go for swimming as it will enhance their body’s flexibility and lower inflammation in the joints. Besides, everyone can engage in swimming without worrying about any side effects.

Swimming can cure Asthma

People with asthma can significantly benefit from swimming as they will learn to hold their breath, control their breathing, and increase the capacity of their lungs.

That said, people with asthma shouldn’t swim in pools where chlorine is used to treat the water. Instead, they should go for saltwater swimming pools.

Why People Learn Swimming

Swimming, as a sport, serves more than just recreational needs; a lot of people learn swimming for health purposes. Moreover, not all types of strokes complement all purposes.

Swimming for Recreational Purposes: Swimming is a fairly sought-after recreational activity since it delivers a low-impact workout. People love the relaxing vibe and feeling when they swim. Some common styles of swimming for recreational purposes include sidestroke, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.

Swimming for Competitive Purposes: Often, people swim to win. Besides engaging yourself in a vigorous workout, swimming for or in a competition will give you a sense of thrill and fun lacking in casual swimming. When preparing for a swimming competition, the trainer will teach you strokes such as backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke, and butterfly.

When you swim with competitive goals, the distance would be longer, at least 50 meters at a stretch, or even more. At reputed swimming academies, you have the right kind of infrastructure that will ensure proper skill acquisition.

Swimming Classes in UAE


Several swimming academies are located around the UAE, where you can receive quality training. Based on your goals and location, you can select the type and intensity of training and the training center, respectively, that will suit you the best.