What is Aqua Aerobics?

Swimming and aerobics are two of the most sought-after workout routines that can help you achieve your fitness goals effectively. However, one may have a hard time weighing one’s benefit over another. But what if you could enroll in a class that could offer you the benefits of both swimming and aerobic exercises? We are talking about aqua aerobic classes.

Water aerobics is similar to regular aerobic exercise. The only differentiating factor here is that an aqua aerobic class is conducted in waist or bust deep water in a pool.

The participants remain immersed in the water and perform different aerobic exercises under the guidance of a professional instructor. These exercises are performed vertically and do not involve typical swimming in the pool.

Benefits of Aqua-Aerobic Classes

While aqua aerobic exercises seem fun, they also have a lot of benefits. Your trainer will focus on improving your aerobic endurance using the resistance force of water for training. Water aerobic classes are accompanied by upbeat and enjoyable music to create a cheerful ambiance. Here are the top benefits of joining an aqua aerobic class:

  • – Since aqua aerobics is low-impact, it is a great workout alternative for people with arthritis and mobility issues.
  • – It can help you lose a significant amount of weight, provided that you work out consistently.
  • – Aqua aerobics is for people of any age. That said, it is known to offer great benefits for older adults who cannot put a lot of stress on their muscles and joints.
  • – Aqua aerobics is great for your mental health as it can help you fight stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms.
Water Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics Classes in UAE


Aqua aerobics make an excellent choice for those who cannot put their limbs under a lot of pressure and still want to stay fit and healthy in the UAE.

Besides, the warm conditions in UAE make aqua aerobics a preferable and enjoyable workout alternative. Make sure you enroll with a professional and experienced instructor to make the most out of your class.