What is the Zumba?

Zumba is a dance from Colombia, mixing the sensuality of several Latin dances such as salsa, merengue, flamenco, reggaeton with fitness movements.

Dancing on Latin tunes while working on your figure, your body and your heart: this is what Zumba offers, a fun and motivating aerobics training method !

This is the new trend dance very popular in the United States and Canada, And now it has landed in the UAE and now has many followers.

The benefits of a Zumba class are many, especially for those who want to effectively burn calories in a friendly atmosphere.

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Real dance or Fitness exercise?

Zumba is a real dance technique. The choreographies are varied but use steps and music predefined by the teacher.

Zumba combines several Latin dances such as salsa, merengue, samba, cumbia and reggaeton, as well as African and Indian dances.
The hips can recall the salsa, the merengue, the rumba …

The wild rhythms make it possible to work as well the cardio as the muscles like the abs, the thighs or the buttocks.

Zumba classes offer same benefits as aerobic exercises.


Benefits of Zumba

Zumba is a cardio-vascular activity just like elliptical, cycling or jogging.

On the other hand, by combining fast movements with quieter moments, Zumba dance is like interval or interval training. Fractional is known to effectively increase metabolism and promote fat elimination, even after the session (see our article on the benefits of split to lose fat). A one-hour session allows you to spend up to 500 kilocalories, the equivalent of a proper meal.

That is effective at losing excess fat provided you practice it regularly, if possible more than twice a week and adopting a healthy and balanced diet.

  1. Reduce Stress naturally
  2. Strengthened muscles
  3. Better Stamina
  4. Better coordination and speed of mind
  5. Gain flexibility
  6. Music to forget the pain 😀

Zumba is a complete cardiovascular activity, just like jogging, cycling or swimming. A one-hour session burns up to 500 kilocalories. What to lose some extra pounds. Remember to hydrate yourself before, during and after the session.

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Zumba is open to everybody

First of all, it requires a good physical condition because it requires rapid changes in pace, it solicits the heart and offers few moments of recovery. It should not be practiced by people with heart problems or knees. Ask for your doctor’s opinion.

So Zumba is accessible to almost all. Beginners and Skilled , youngs or older. Many courses exist for teenagers and seniors. There is no need to know Latin dances to practice it, whew! There are several formulas depending on the objectives.

Where ?

Various of regular gym offer Zumba classes. Specific clubs are multiplying in UAE. Classes are taught by certified instructors.

You can sometimes find classes in Dance Studios.

How to prepare your first lesson

A session lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour including a short warm-up.

Warm-up is necessary to prepare the muscles, joints and heart for the cardio work of Zumba. The instructor begins gently with a few steps of merengue, a dance that makes work the lower parts of the body. Then we go on to other music and movements by gradually amplifying the rhythm.

The session consists of a dozen different steps, easy to follow, of three to four minutes each, with fast moments and slow moments. We move in the room according to the dance steps. The body is animated by movements of the pelvis and ample gestures of the arms.

During the group session, the instructor also works with everyone individually to help them quickly achieve the best results. The session is very varied. We do not get bored during the class. Students love !

More information

Regular : information on all this page.

Gold : for seniors,

Zumbatomic : for children from 4 to 12 years,

Toning : to sculpt his body through the use of poles.

Aqua : for water sports enthusiasts, a Circuit to burn more calories.

Gold Toning : to develop muscle strength.

The cost of a Zumba course depends of course on the gym. The prices are very variable, from 20 to 100 AED per session, a practical formula to try and decide. Once convinced, it is better to opt for a monthly subscription or a package of 10 or 20 courses, much more interesting.

You can also find courses included in many gyms memberships.

To practice Zumba in comfort, you will need :

A pair of lightweight shoes, like tennis, to be comfortable and not slip.

Light and practical clothes. You can find outfits at Decathlon.

Water to hydrate you during the session. For longer efforts, prefer the isotonic drink.

Zumba in UAE

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