What are martial arts ?

In terms of benefits, the practice of martial arts is undoubtedly one of the best choices that can be made in the world of sport.

Because in addition to its physical virtues, the martial arts bring you much further than you could imagine. The practice of martial arts meets many needs and offers many benefits on physical and mental health.

There is no only one, but different martial arts. Aikido, boxing, judo, karate, kick boxing, tai chi, krav maga, all these physical activities are based on fighting techniques with your bare hands or with a weapon (stick, sword, sword, …) or knowledge and self control take an important place.

From the need to defend oneself against aggression to the conquest of civilizations initiated by the great warriors, the martial arts spread gradually by absorbing the passage of Buddhist teaching and philosophy. Richer and more complete, the different forms of martial art will spread in the form of ideology in the rest of Asia (Japan, Korea, …). It was not until the 20th century that the West discovered the martial arts.one,

What are the benefits of martial arts ?

  1. Improves cardiovascular, endurance and breathing
  2. Helps promote muscle and bone building
  3. Develops flexibility, reflexes and coordination
  4. Eases tensions and instill discipline, self-control
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There is no specification about practicing Boxe or Martial arts. Everybody can practice it.

More and more sports are attracting younger follower. Martial arts too with baby boxing or young karate classes.

Plenty of Martial arts and Boxing club are present in UAE. Each one have specialities. Gyms may propose equipment and teacher for Martial arts or Boxing classes.

You can find more information on world martial arts association website

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