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Find the right exercise

Want to get back to sport ?

Weight loss, Physical condition, Endurance or for medical reasons: for all objectives there are specific exercises.

We have grouped together all the training to do either at home, in your gym or outside.

The Training section includes cardio exercises of the type: HIIT Training, Tabata, Circuits …

List of specific workouts : 


AbsArms (Biceps / Triceps) – BackChestGlutesLegsShoulder

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best Back workout

Exercises Better Back

A strong back enables you to work more efficiently and get more out of moves like plank, bicep curls, and even cardio moves.

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Mastering the deadlift

Mastering The Deadlift

Deadlifts are a multi-joint movement, which means you recruit several muscle groups to work together to perform the exercise properly.

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Trampoline Workout

Trampoline Workout

Bouncing on a trampoline doesn’t just provide hours of fun and entertainment for children and can also provide effective exercise for adults.

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What is EMS training

What Is EMS Training

EMS training involves wearing a specifically designed suit with built-in electrodes stimulating specific muscles while exercising.

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Best bodyweight exercises

Best Bodyweight Exercises

You just need to be creative with your bodyweight workouts, and you can lose fat, get fitter, and bulk up without touching a dumbbell.

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