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Where can I get motivation

You’ve vowed that this year will be different. This will be your year : You will run a 5K, you’ll lose 25 pounds, you’ll wear your favorite jeans again. Whatever your goal is, you’ve decided this is your time. But…

  • Low energy…
  • Busy schedules….
  • Oversized expectations….

These are just some of the common barriers (or excuses) that can come between you and your fitness goals.

Our posts give information and tips to stay motivated and achieve our goal.

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Data as Motivation

Data as Motivation

Whether we are trying to lose weight, improve our business, or achieve personal growth, data can be a powerful tool to help us get there.

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Keep motivated

Keep motivated

Many people start fitness programs but may stop when they get bored, don’t enjoy it, or feel results are too slow.

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