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THE LOOP in Dubai

THE LOOP in Dubai

THE LOOP in Dubai

Dubai is set to become home to the world’s smartest cycling and running infrastructure, spanning 93 kilometers. THE LOOP project aims to provide a healthy and sustainable mode of transportation for the city’s 3 million residents, connecting them to key services and locations by walking and cycling within minutes.

This initiative aligns with Dubai’s 20-minute city concept, which strives to make cycling and to walk the primary mode of transportation for daily commutes for over 80% of the city’s population by 2040.

URB ─ The Loop Master Mind

The LOOP project is a cool opportunity for urban mobility entrepreneurs, thanks to URB, a leader in sustainable city development. Baharash Bagherian, URB’s CEO, shared some of the project’s goals, listed below:

Most Connected City On Earth

Dubai has become the hub of entrepreneurship in the urban mobility realm, with THE LOOP project being its prime example. Our goal is to make it the most connected city on Earth, and to achieve that; We aim for a daily cycling rate surpassing 80%.

To reach that, we understand that major road infrastructures & networks have created barriers separating communities. Hence, bringing back connectivity through walking and cycling is essential while upholding these activities as the main transportation method year-round in all parts of Dubai.

Re-Engineering of Infrastructure

Dubai’s future mobility infrastructure must be re-engineered to be more than just sustainable transportation. Think of such infrastructures as spaces and utilities for people where leisure and community services can be offered. Regardless of the weather, these infrastructures should provide a pleasant mode of sustainable transportation.

A Shift to People-Centric Infrastructure

There is a significant gap in the connections between cycling and urban public transport in Dubai. THE LOOP project provides a paradigm shift from car-centric infrastructure to people-centric infrastructure, making urban mobility a joyful experience for residents while also making them healthy.

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Sustainable Transport Systems

THE LOOP project aims to re-engineer the future mobility infrastructure in Dubai to become more than just sustainable transport systems. The infrastructure should also serve as spaces and utilities for people, where various leisure and community services can be provided, ultimately becoming an enjoyable mode of sustainable transport, no matter the weather conditions.

Connecting Communities

The major road infrastructures and networks in Dubai have disconnected communities by walking or cycling, making it challenging to integrate cycling and public transport on daily commutes over long distances. Safety and year-round usability are critical issues that THE LOOP project addresses, providing a climate-controlled all-year environment, thus making cycling and walking the primary mode of transport for Dubai’s residents.

Key Facts About The Loop

Here are the key facts about THE LOOP project in Dubai:

93 km

The project involves building a 93 km sustainable urban highway connecting various parts of Dubai. This will be a climate-controlled environment that makes cycling and walking a viable and pleasant option for residents.

Zero Emissions Transport System

The transportation system implemented through THE LOOP project will be a zero-emissions system. This means it will not contribute to air pollution, a major problem in many cities worldwide.

100% Renewable Energy Using

One of the unique features of THE LOOP project is that it will use 100% renewable energy, which will be generated through kinetic power. Kinetic power is a type of energy generated by the movement of people or vehicles. It means the energy used to power the transportation system will be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

100% Recycled Water For Irrigation

Another sustainable feature of THE LOOP project is using 100% recycled water for irrigation. Water will be reused rather than wasted, which is important in a city like Dubai with limited water resources.

Additional Amenities For Residents

The project also includes additional amenities for residents, such as rest areas, bike repair stations, and public restrooms. It will make it easier and more enjoyable for people to use cycling and walking as their primary modes of transportation.

Promotes Health & Wellbeing

The goal of THE LOOP project is to promote health and wellbeing among residents. The project aims to encourage people to be more active and live healthier lifestyles by providing a safe and enjoyable environment for cycling and walking.

Vertical Farms For Food Security

Another unique feature of the project is the inclusion of vertical farms, which will help improve food security in the city. Vertical farms are a type of urban agriculture that involves growing crops in vertically stacked layers. It means that the city will be able to produce more food locally, reducing the need for food imports and increasing food security for residents.

THE LOOP project provides an excellent opportunity to foster sustainability and promote health and wellbeing. It is a zero-emissions transport system using 100% renewable energy and kinetic power. The project also utilizes 100% recycled water for irrigation and includes vertical farms for food security. In line with Dubai’s vision to be the most sustainable city in the world, THE LOOP project aims to create a new benchmark for the world’s smartest cycling and walking infrastructure.

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