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New Parkour in JVC

New Parkour in JVC

New Parkour in JVC

Flexing your running muscles is about to get easier in Dubai as Parkour DXB opens up a brand-new location. Following the opening of many gyms in JVC, Parkour DXB has implemented its new location there.

Following the success of the other two spots at Al Quoz and Port Rashid, Parkour DXB will be running a brand-new location with a 5,500sqft gym at Circle Mall, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) from June. Parkour DXB is opening its new academy on the 2nd floor of Jumeirah Village Circle neighborhood mall. Stepping into Parkour DXB, you will see elements to mimic the urban environment, such as wooden blocks, brick walls, and bars crafted out of metal poles. Students learn the art of parkour to overcome obstacles using movements such as jumping, vaulting, climbing and swinging.

Parkour DXB’s Achievements

Chris Sotiriou, a passionate parkour coach, founded the first Parkour DXB in 2016. Within seven years, the largest parkour academy in the Middle East, Parkour DXB, has become popular among young people aged three years and up. Began as an impromptu class in the park seven years ago, parkour DXB has grown to have over 30 full-time team members, 1,000 students per week, and a total of 19,000sqft of parkour facilities across the city. These achievements have put parkour DXB on the way to becoming the largest parkour academy in the world.

Something About Parkour

Parkour is the art of overcoming obstacles. Any obstacle that was once a barrier can become an opportunity for challenge and growth by jumping, climbing, swinging, and vaulting. It was created by a small number of French men in the 1990s. Gaining popularity in the USA and UK, parkour has slowly made a name for itself worldwide. Parkour was declared a sport in the UK in 2017, and now it has gone mainstream.

Is It Safe For Kids?

Though of course, training at Parkour DXB is a safer endeavor than leaping outside. All courses and experiences are delivered in a safe and fully supervised environment by a hand-picked team of active parkour practitioners who have each had their lives improved by the practice and wish to share this with others. Their experts are on hand to help young people perfect their technique; with soft mats beneath them, the chance of scraped elbows and knees is seriously reduced.

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What Does Parkour JVC Offer?

 Parkour DXB offers more than Parkour Coaching; it delivers Parkour Education. The difference is that it supports your kids to be strong and confident individuals in all areas of their lives, not just their Parkour ability. Parkour offers the power to individuals to grow confidence, foster determination, and build perseverance, all of which are essential elements in a happy, healthy, and successful young person.

Parkour JVC Programs

Parkour DXB programs fall into four categories:

  • Academy Curriculum ─ catering to students aged 5 to 18 years.
  • Wallabies Camp ─ mixing parkour with arts, sing-alongs, and games.
  • Wallabies ─ for young parkour enthusiasts aged three to five years.
  • Camps ─ one full week, three hours a day, covering all core techniques.

Learn The Art Of Overcoming Obstacles with Parkour DXB!

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