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Active Al Maryah

Active Al Maryah

Active Al Maryah

The ACTIVE Sports Pavilion provides 3,500 sqm of indoor sports space and stunning sea views surrounding ACTIVE Al Maryah Island. Inside the climate-controlled sports venue are a multi-sport court, four Padel courts, a badminton court, and a fitness center. There’s also a café and free water refill stations.

What’s Coming Up?

The thrilling news for fitness lovers is that F45, an Australian franchisor, and operator of fitness centers based in Austin, Texas, is coming to ACTIVE later this year. With over 1,750 studios in 45 countries across Australia/Oceania, North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa, F45 already has a branch in Abu Dhabi at Zayed Sports City. Which is undoubtedly one of the best gyms in Abu Dhabi.

F45 ─ Most Exiting Addition

At Active Al Maryah, F45 will be one of the most exciting new additions. Every F45 branch offers HIIT sessions, functional training, and circuit training. Each 45-minute class is designed to burn fat, build muscle, improve functional form, and torch up to 1,000 calories. Undoubtedly, this outfit change lives; it vibrates with positivity and community and gets results fast.

Other Indoor/Outdoor Activities

Also, inside ACTIVE, you can find multiple sports activities, including Badminton, Basketball, Football, Handball, Netball, Padel, Tennis, and Volleyball. Anyone can enjoy these sports both indoors and outdoors with the price given below:

  • Tennis: Indoor- AED 105, Outdoor- AED 210
  • Padel: Indoor- AED 276, Outdoor- AED 360
  • Basketball & Netball: Outdoor- AED 210
  • Handball: Indoor- AED 105, Outdoor- AED 210
  • Volleyball: Indoor- AED 210, Outdoor- AED 210
  • Badminton: Indoor- AED 100
  • Football: Indoor- AED 924, Outdoor- AED 420

Other Indoor/Outdoor Activities

Whether you exercise on your own, play with a sports club, take lessons with Zayed Sports Academy, participate in a corporate wellness day or enjoy an active outing with family and friends, there are endless possibilities at ACTIVE Al Maryah Island.

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