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Curl Dumbbell

Curl Dumbbell

Curl Dumbbell

This bodybuilding exercise solicits and develops the biceps. The dumbbells allow a lot of interesting variations.

Curl Dumbbell : Targeted muscles

The biceps brachii, short and long head, the brachialis and the brachioradialis.

The brachialis is used during the dumbbell curl, regardless of the position of the hand. He lies under the biceps.

The rotation of the wrist during the movement, called “supination” (palm of the hand towards oneself), makes it possible more to solicit the biceps brachii.

The hammer curls (thumb up) solicit more intensely the brachioradialis.

Execution of the exercise

In the starting position, the back glued to the bench or sitting at the end, the arms against the sides, feet flat on the floor and knees tight to prevent the dumbbells touching the thighs. Bring the dumbbell over the shoulder to the force of the biceps, rotating the wrist. Elbows should not deviate forwards or backwards. Do not use the momentum to lift the load, it is only the forearms must move.

If you are exercising upright, you have to bend your knees slightly or put your foot forward to avoid the momentum.

You can practice Curl Dumbell at home or at Gym.

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curl dumbbell


Inhale at the beginning of the movement and blow during bending.

Variants of Curl Dumbbell

A variant often made by beginners is the alternative curl which consists of bending one arm while the other goes down. We can do this type of curl at the low pulley with only one arm to have a continuous resistance. If you have a stand, you can also do inclined curl with dumbbells.

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In most of gyms, trainers can advise you.

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