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Curl Barbell

Curl Barbell

Curl Barbell

This bodybuilding exercise solicits and develops the biceps. The curl bar is the basic insulating exercise for the biceps.

Curl Barbell : Targeted muscles

The biceps brachii, short and long head, the brachialis and the brachioradialis.

Execution of the exercise

Standing upright, back still and straight, knees bent or leg forward to avoid cheating with the help of momentum and elbows near the body. Raise and lower the bar smoothly. You can vary the hand gap using a wide, medium or tight grip.

Execution of the exercise

For a good form of execution, keep your arms glued against the sides and perpendicular to the ground.

To avoid momentum, keep your back still and straight, knees bent, or move one leg to stabilize the body. It is also possible to perform the exercise even more strictly, keeping your back against a wall. This avoids cheating and this is also how it is performed during competitions curls at the helm.

You can practice Curl Barbell at home or gym.

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EZ Curl Bar


Inhale at the beginning of the movement when the arms are stretched, and blow when bending.

Variants of Curl Dumbbell

The curl bar can be made at the low pulley using a straight bar, a bent bar called “EZ baz” or with the rope.

It is possible, at the right bar, to touch more or less intensely one of the two bundles of the biceps brachii. The starting position is classic, palms facing the face and knees slightly bent.

– If you want to carry the work on the long portion of the biceps brachii (outside the arm), you have to take a tight grip.

– If you want to carry work on the short portion, you have to take a wide shot.

Reverse barbell curl, makes part of the effort on the brachioradialis, a muscle that runs through the entire forearm and joins the humerus. The muscles of the forearm, the extensors of the wrist, are also put to the test.

In both cases, the brachialis will be solicited by these exercises; the biceps brachii also, but less.

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