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Choose good workouts

Check out our workouts that can be practiced everywhere, with or without accessories. You can do it at home, outside or even at the gym

Find all trainings that you can do according to your goals. 

List of specific workouts : 


AbsArms (Biceps / Triceps) – BackChestGlutesLegsShoulder

Whether it’s getting back into good physical condition, losing weight or just emptying your mind.

It is advisable to stay hydrated during the sessions. In addition, to accompany the sessions with a balanced diet and a good sleep rhythm.

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HIIT Workouts : Doing it the Right Way

HIIT helps burn fats, both during training and post-training. HIIT involves alternating intensive workouts with short rests. You only reap maximum benefits by pushing hard through your sessions.

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Curl concentration

This bodybuilding exercise solicits and develops the biceps. Curl concentration is an exercise in isolation that will allow you to fine tune your arms.  Curl

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Curl Barbell

This bodybuilding exercise solicits and develops the biceps. The curl bar is the basic insulating exercise for the biceps. Curl Barbell : Targeted muscles The

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Curl Dumbbell

This bodybuilding exercise solicits and develops the biceps. The dumbbells allow a lot of interesting variations. Curl Dumbbell : Targeted muscles The biceps brachii, short

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